The Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials is a professional association 
comprised of the structural pest control regulatory officials of any of the fifty states.


  • promote better understanding and efficiency in the administration of laws and other 
    written documents of regulatory authority between states concerning the control and 
    eradication of pests of structures and their immediate environs;
  • promote the protection of the health and welfare of the citizens of each state;
  • promote the protection of the environment against the misuse of pesticides;
  • promote a more professional standard for the structural pest control industry; and,
  • promote, conduct, and evaluate research consistent with the purposes stated herein.


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Metro Institute (MI) is the current iCBT provider for the Arizona Department of Agriculture - Pest Management Division (PMD).  We have delivered over 100,000 secure and successful testing sessions. MI has been providing testing services in Arizona since 2003.  After our initial success in Arizona, MI was selected by 10 additional state agencies for iCBT exams:

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