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Metro Institute provides online computer-based testing services in Michigan for the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. MDARD proctored testing sites are located throughout the state. All persons desiring to hold a pesticide certification with the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development must contact Metro Institute to schedule a computer based exam.


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If you have not been issued an MDARD Testing ID number or your previous testing application is expired you must apply with the MDARD. Click the button below to visit !


Find a Testing Center

Metro has a testing center network with conveniently located throughout Michigan.
You get  directions and print a map.
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If you have already applied and been issued an MDARD Testing ID number and need to schedule or reschedule a test click the Schedule Now button below. It's fast and easy. Good luck!

Testing "Step-by-Step"

Testing Procedure:
1. Apply with MDARD  for approval to test online - Click "Here" “The online testing application is not a substitution for the Pesticide Applicator Certification Application that has to be submitted to MDARD with the appropriate fees”
2. Wait to receive your "testing authorization number" by email..
3. You may schedule your exam/s online "HERE" or call Metro Institute at (877) 533-2900.
4. Payment is due at the time of scheduling. Metro Institute accepts Visa, MC, AX, or PayPal.
5. You may reschedule your exam appointment with at least 24 hour notice at no charge. To reschedule vist www.metrosignup.com or call Metro Institute at (877) 533-2900.
 6. Be sure to bring photo ID to your exam testing site. You will not be allowed to test without your photo ID.


Schedule a Test Online - Click "HERE"

Schedule a Test by Phone - Call "(602) 452-2900 or toll free (877) 533-2900

Test Study Materials - Click "HERE"

Find a Testing Location - Click "HERE

“Already tested? For MDARD’s Pesticide Applicator Certification Application, click"HERE". This application must be submitted before the certification is issued. For more information about MDARD pesticide certification, check out their webpage

Helpful Testing Skills

1. You will have two (2) hours to take each examination. Most people complete each test in less than one hour. Be sure to take your time and read each question and answer choice carefully.

2. You may skip questions and return to them later. You may review any or all of the test as long as you have time remaining on the clock. If you forget to answer any questions before selecting the "Finish Test" button, you will receive an on screen alert that you have unanswered questions. You may then answer those questions and then click the "Finish Test" button again to get your final score.

3. Most tests have 50 questions and you must answer 70% correctly to pass.


Passed the Test! What Next?

When your exams are complete the proctor will provide you with a printed results page. This page will indicate your overall score on the exam (70% or greater is required to pass) with instructions on what to do next.

It is important to remember that passing an exam does not mean you are certified. You still need to submit your application along with the applicable fee to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development  (MDARD).

To obtain a Pesticide Applicator Application, or to find out more about MDARD's pesticide certification program, please visit www.michigan.gov/mdard .

Reviewing Test Scores

Failed the Test? What Next?

If you failed any of the tests, you may re-take that exam.

To Reschedule a Test Online - Click "HERE"  or Call Metro Institute to schedule a new testing time at (877) 533-2900  


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Metro Institute (MI) is the current iCBT provider for the Arizona Department of Agriculture - Pest Management Division (PMD).  We have delivered over 100,000 secure and successful testing sessions. MI has been providing testing services in Arizona since 2003.  After our initial success in Arizona, MI was selected by 10 additional state agencies for iCBT exams:

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